Advisory Council

Plural actively solicits stakeholder guidance and input. In addition to seeking such guidance on an informal basis and through more formal feedback mechanisms, we consult with members of our advisory council to discuss specific organizational objectives and programming when appropriate. These individuals hold one or more positions within the arts and culture, research, and philanthropic fields and collectively represent a diverse set of experiences and viewpoints. Set forth below are the current members of this advisory council.

Andrea Louie (United States)
Alison McNeil (United States)
Leena Minifie (Canada)
Shahin Sayadi (Canada)
Sanjay Shahani (Canada)
Charles C. Smith (Canada)
Adam Tarnoff (United States)
Vanessa Whang (United States)


Advisory Committee for Figuring the Plural book

Millie Knapp, Association for Native Development in the Performing and Visual Arts
Sandra Laronde, Indigenous Arts at The Banff Centre; Red Sky Performance
Shahin Sayadi, OneLight Theatre & Prismatic Festival
Sanjay Shahani, The Ontario Trillium Foundation
Charles C. Smith, Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario
Maggie Stewart, OneLight Theatre & Prismatic Festival

United States
Jennifer Armstrong, on behalf of the entire board of The Association of American Cultures
Roberto Bedoya, Tucson Pima Arts Council
Deepa Gupta, The Boeing Company
Angelique Power, The Joyce Foundation
Gina Rodriguez-Drix, Rhode Island Council for the Humanities
Rebeccah Sanders, formerly of the Chicago Cultural Alliance
Carlton Turner, Alternate Roots

Organizations are listed solely for identification purposes