Figuring the Plural Book

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Figuring The Plural
Figuring The Plural

Corrigendum: The Canada Council for the Arts Research Division has brought to our attention an error in Part I, in the second half of the second sentence of the second full paragraph on page 79. While the total amount of financial support awarded to culturally diverse arts organizations was lower in the 2011-2012 fiscal year than it was in the 2001-2002 fiscal year, the amount of operating support provided in 2011-2012 was not lower than the amount of operating support awarded to these organizations in the 2005-2006 and/or 2009-2010 fiscal years. The sentence should instead read as follows: “Forty-five, or just under 4.3 percent, of these organizations were culturally diverse, and they received approximately $2.8 million, or just under 3 percent, of total operating funds.” (striking the second half of the sentence)


Appendix A: Database of Canadian ethnocultural arts organizations

Appendix B: Database of US ethnocultural arts organizations

Appendix C: Database of Canadian support organizations

Appendix D: Database of US support organizations

Appendix E: Interview questions template

Appendix F: Canadian survey questions

Appendix G: US English/Spanish survey questions

Appendices H-J: Canadian survey results by Aboriginal, Culturally Diverse, and White pan group (open-ended responses omitted to maintain privacy of respondents)

Appendices K-R: US survey results by pan-racial group (open-ended responses omitted to maintain privacy of respondents)

Appendix S: Arts organization interview instructions

Appendix T: Consent and release form template: US arts organization, no transcript

Appendix U:  Calculations for Survey Representativeness