Wealth & Wellness Initiatives

Wealth & Wellness joins two new Plural initiatives that both broaden and deepen the scope of our cultural equity driven mission. In its early stages, Plural’s Wealth Initiative is currently focused on collating existing research regarding the relationship between socioeconomics and the composition and professional development of arts managers. Findings from this initial research will guide the eventual form of specific program offerings. Through our Wealth Initiative, we aim to facilitate access to arts and cultural production for arts administrators from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.

In February 2015, the Arts and Health Alliance ceased daily operations due to operational and funding challenges. As the premier arts service organization working in the field of arts and health in the United States, this loss is significant. Plural’s Wellness Initiative aims to help fill the void left by the closing of the Arts and Health Alliance and to support the burgeoning field of arts and health in Canada and the United States. During the Wellness Initiative’s first phase, we will focus on building a comprehensive database of the arts and health programs of US tax-exempt and Canadian registered charity organizations. Upon completion of the database, phase two of the Wellness Initiative will involve an analysis of the needs of these arts and health programs.