UIMA 15_420


Plural is dedicated to advancing equity in the arts through support of Canadian and US ethnocultural and community grounded arts organizations, artists, and arts administrators. A collaborative service organization that is process and product oriented, we’re focused on the following programmatic areas: (i) writing, speaking, and teaching about the ethnocultural arts field in collaboration with our arts and culture and social justice peers, and supporting these peers on related initiatives (our Partnerships Program) and (ii) undertaking research, cataloging, collating, and disseminating information regarding ethnocultural arts, socioeconomics and arts management, and arts and health (our Knowledge Management & Analytics Program and Wealth & Wellness Initiatives). By heightening awareness, deepening knowledge, and complicating understandings of these important contributors to our countries’ cultural landscapes, we aim to address systemic barriers to a more equitable arts and culture field.

Figuring this plural is imagination manifest in the ways of looking, thinking, feeling and understanding our relationship to works of art and to each other.

~ Roberto Bedoya